A visit to the hairdresser is a luxury experience of relaxed pampering and ‘me’ time.

At least that’s what you’re sold… until you have to sit for numerous hours staring at yourself under the harshest light imaginable, listening to the din of dryers and wondering why the tint on your head has an intense purple tone when you distinctly requested copper.

That’s where we come in.

Multiple decades of hairdressing means we’ve seen it all and while building our salon, we listened. We’ve created a thoughtfully amended version of all the salons you’ve been to before, because we know that without happy clients we don’t have a business. We’ve rewritten the rulebook, renewed the services, improved the atmosphere and elevated the confidence.

Our establishment is, quite simply, Salon: MKII.

So if you’re looking for hairdressing services where your expectations are matched by your experience, come and enjoy what’s behind the green door.